Buying a Surfboard in Australia

Tips and tricks for buying your first surfboard abroad!

During our time living in Australia, Ryan and I made the decision to invest in our own surfboards. Our move to Australia was motivated by our desire to catch some waves and improve our surfing skills. However, selecting the perfect surfboard proved to be a challenge as every little factor can impact your experience in the water.

Personally, I, Mimi, had been surfing for about a year on a foamy - a large foam surfboard that is capable of catching practically every wave. If you're a beginner surfer seeking a board that can assist with wave maneuvering and practicing pop ups, a 8 or 9ft Odysea foamy is an excellent choice. These boards are exceptional quality and offer so much buoyancy, making them an ideal option for anyone venturing into the sport of surfing.


The bigger the board, the easier it will be to catch waves.

Once I had gained some surfing skills and mastered my pop up, I decided to invest in a groveler/fun board - a smaller, yet buoyant board, better for turns - during my time in Australia. However, surfboards can be quite pricey, and it's crucial to take your time and find the right fit. Luckily, the staff at surf shops are usually super knowledgeable and can help guide you towards the right board for your needs and ability. Don't be afraid to ask questions and ensure you're investing in a board that's tailored to your preferences. If you're unsure, take a day and explore other surf shops. Trust us, that board will likely still be there.

Personally, I like to seek guidance from female identifying associates as they can tend to understand my struggles, like how with my body figure, it can be hard it is for me to put on my wetsuit...

Some important details to consider are the season you plan on surfing the most. Winter waves tend to be larger and colder, necessitating the purchase of a wetsuit and booties. As a beginner surfing in the winter, practicing on white water waves is ideal for honing your pop-up technique. Online tutorials and instructional videos can be an excellent resource for learning proper form.

Ryan opted for a mid-length board with a single fin, which is perfect for summer waves as it has the right amount of volume to float and catch waves while enabling a clean and smooth style of surfing.

Ultimately, surfing is a fun and enjoyable activity that's accessible to people of all ages. The most important thing is to have fun and enjoy your time in the water.

Check out our YouTube video above to see the boards we purchased and learn how to wax a new board.

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