Fallen Leaf Campground

At the start of the 2017 summer season, we camped at Fallen Leaf Campgrounds in South Lake Tahoe—here are our thoughts and review!

There is a certain enchantment to disconnecting from technology, immersing oneself in nature, and unwinding by a campfire. Recently, we had the pleasure of camping at Fallen Leaf Campgrounds in South Lake Tahoe, and we’d like to share our thoughts and review. Do note that this is an older review. Cost and details may have since changed.

If you’re interested in booking a spot, be sure to check out the campsite’s website asap, as it fills up quickly. Utilize the map on the website to choose the best location for your needs, such as proximity to bathrooms, the lake, or hiking trails. RV spots are also available. While our two-day stay cost $70, which was higher than we anticipated, we were pleased to see the campgrounds were well-maintained and that our money was being put to good use to help maintain the camp further.

Each site allows a maximum of six people and two cars, with an additional $7 fee for a second car per site. Upon arrival, we were informed that cars would be parked on a paved road next to the site to avoid damaging any wildlife and nature.

Each campsite has plenty to offer! You'll find everything you need for the perfect camping experience, including picnic tables, a fire pit, and a grill for cooking. And when you're ready to pitch a tent, we recommend setting your tent up in a spot where the vegetation is already disturbed, as to reduce your impact on the surrounding nature.

Staying at Fallen Leaf Campgrounds has many benefits such as following:

  • Allowing pets (for an extra fee)
  • Well-kept bathrooms with plenty of toilet paper + bring quarters for the showers
  • Access to water on-site
  • A variety of water activities like swimming, fishing, and more
  • Plus, the Campsites are well spaced apart

Additionally, there is a beautiful trail leading to the lake, complete with benches overlooking the water. One of our favorite little meditation spots of this trip. With so many amenities, you can enjoy your camping trip to the fullest without sacrificing comfort. Perfect for couples, families, and groups.


Pro tip: Buy your firewood locally! This helps prevent the spread of invasive species and protect the local ecosystem.

A photo of the pier located at Fallen Leaf Campground in South Lake Tahoe, California.

On the other side of the lake, there's a charming café and a boat loading area open only during summer. The place has some historical significance, and you can learn about its past through informative signs surrounding the lake.

One note worth keeping in mind is that bears are frequent visitors. Each campsite has a large bear-proof container where you can store your coolers and non-perishables at night or when you're away. The camp ranger warned us to store anything with a fragrance, including toothpaste, because bears are attracted to them. Although we didn't encounter any bears during our stay, it's best to stay cautious and contact a ranger if you do have any encounters. BTW please stay away from bears, they're not as keen as you are to take a photo with them..

One of the best things about this campsite is its proximity to one of our favorite hikes, Eagle Creek trail. It's a 40-minute hike to a breathtaking half-frozen lake with a stunning waterfall and a bridge. Additionally, Fallen Leaf is only 20 minutes away from downtown South Lake Tahoe, where you can indulge in some gambling and explore the more touristy part's of Lake Tahoe.

We hope you found this post informative and inspiring, and please don't hesitate to share your thoughts with us if you decide to visit Fallen Leaf Lake. You can also check out our video posted above for a vlog-style glimpse into our own experience at the campsite.

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