The Best of Seattle: 4-Day Itinerary

Our 4-day itinerary if you plan to explore in Seattle, Washington

I want to express my gratitude to Hannah (Ryan's sister), who gave us the wonderful Christmas gift of our airplane tickets to Seattle. Our trip to Seattle was truly amazing!

In this blog post, I will provide you with a comprehensive breakdown of what we did, where we ate, and more! I hope this journel will be helpful if you are planning a trip to Seattle. Personally, I like to conduct a lot of research before a trip. I have this little 50/50 rule: so that I can experience both the main attractions and the unexpected adventures that come with travel. Enjoy! ♫꒰・◡・๑꒱


I think travel should be 50% research and 50% spontaneity.

Day 1:

Upon our evening arrival, we met up with Hannah and headed to Cafe Flora on Madison Street for dinner. This charming eatery offered vegan dishes and a delightful ambiance. Later, we visited Unicorn, a carnival-themed bar that I had been eagerly anticipating. The venue was adorned with bright colors and animal heads, but unfortunately, the dim lighting made it difficult to fully appreciate the decor. Nonetheless, the bar's vegan and non-vegan options paired well with their sweet cocktails. The basement level featured pinball, skee ball, and other arcade games, as well as the same drink selection as the top floor.

Must see: Unicorn

Day 2:

At Bang Bang Cafe, we savored the massive vegan Mexican breakfast burritos that were budget-friendly and filling. Afterward, we strolled to Pike Place Market, which was very touristy and reminded us of San Francisco's pier. Though we skipped the long line at the "first Starbucks" storefront, we enjoyed the local performers and fresh fish food for meat-eaters. As we walked around, we admired the vendors' wares, including lavender mists, fresh produce, and local art. The notorious gum wall was also nearby, so we checked that out too.

Investing in the Seattle City Pass proved to be a wise decision as it allowed us to visit all the major tourist attractions in the city for a cost of $90 per person. By visiting at least three out of the five attractions offered in the package, we were able to get our money's worth. Our first stop was the Seattle Pop Museum, where we spent a great deal of time exploring our favorite movie props and learning more about pop culture. The horror movie gallery, featuring a real-life Gizmo prop from Gremlins and the fairytale movie section, were my personal favorites. Ryan, on the other hand, enjoyed jamming out to various musical instruments in the musical room.

Later, we dined at Plum Bistro, an all-vegan restaurant located in Capitol Hill. Although the prices were on the higher side, we indulged in some delicious vegan pasta. Then, we headed to the Seattle Space Needle to catch the sunset. It's best to visit the Space Needle during evening hours to enjoy the sunset or early in the morning to witness the sunrise. We almost missed the sunset because of the long entry line, so it's advisable to arrive early and avoid the rush.

We then walked around Capitol Hill until we ended up at The Highline, which was a vegan dive bar with lots of comfort vegan food. They had all the yummy vegan alternatives to your favorite greasy bar food. That evening they had a special event with Burlesque performers. They were raising money for charity and celebrating body diversity (‘∀’●)♡ Yay girl power!

Must see: Pike Place Market

Day 3:

A fun day filled in Fremont! We went to Wayward Vegan Cafe and had a delicious vegan breakfast. The wait was kinda long, but the food was so good and totally worth it. This place is quite well known in the vegan community, so if you're able to stop by then definitely do. They have a huge menu with lots of options to choose from.

After exploring the Fremont area, we headed to No Bones Beach Club for lunch. This Hawaiian-themed tiki diner is entirely vegan and had a great atmosphere. We loved the colorful decor and the tropical vibes. The food was delicious too, and we especially enjoyed the jackfruit tacos and the buffalo cauliflower wings. Overall, it was a great spot for a mid-day meal.

Afterwards we went to the Ballard Sunday Farmer’s Market and spent some time going through the shops. We found a really neat store called Ballyhoo Curiosity Shop; which had lots of cool fossils, bones, and antique finds. Next we went to Gas Works Park. It was nice to walk around and sit on the grass while watching the clouds fly by. We wish we could go inside of the structure, because it looked so cool to explore! But admiring from afar is nice too 🙂

Later, we headed to the Chihuly Garden and Glass Museum. It was absolutely breathtaking! The artwork was beautiful and it was interesting to learn about the process of glass blowing. Ryan’s favorite exhibit was the garden with the glass flowers, while I loved the large ceiling installation. It’s definitely worth the visit, especially if you appreciate art and beautiful craftsmanship.

We made reservations a month in advance for a 5 course vegan dinner at Harvest Beat. Guys, let me just start off by saying I’ve never eaten so dang good in my whole life. I wish I took pictures of the food, because you would definitely be drooling. Check out our video on Seattle down below to see a snip of some of the food. This dinning experience was SO magical. We had a full on feast and were so comfortably stuffed afterwards. They change their menu seasonly and really take their time in creating such a beautiful dining experience. This was definitely my favorite part of the trip.

To wrap up our day, we went to Frankie & Jo’s for some vegan ice cream. It’s a popular spot and always has a long line, but it’s definitely worth it. They have lots of unique flavors and you can even order a flight to try a few. It was the perfect end to day 3 in Seattle.

Must see: Chihuly Garden and Glass Museum

Day 4:

The first thing we did in the morning was go to the aquarium on the pier. The otters are able to swim to you and you're able to see them close up. It also showcased a lot of local artists, which was a wonderful way to support the local art community. You get to learn about all the local sea life found on the pier of Seattle.

Afterwards we went to do the harbor cruise tour. This was a very laid back experience where you went on a boat and got to learn about Seattle’s history and get and up close view of the cargo ships.

Then we went to Chihuly Glass Museum. All of these experiences are found along the pier, so you're able to walk from one attraction to the other. There are a lot of cool glass structures and installations of art. The coolest part was a live glass blowing demo they had outside of the garden. Since Seattle is known to be quite rainy, these tourist attractions on the Seattle City Pass are great to enjoy year-round.

We got some walk in tattoos at Super Genius Shop, by Darling Tom. Ryan got a rose and I got some crystals on my arm. For dinner we went to Sizzle Pie and got ourselves yummy vegan pizza. The rest of the day was very relaxing, we went to a tea place, played some checkers, bought some legal and recreational herb. 🙂

Day 5:

Our last half day! We went to go eat breakfast at Glo’s. A cute cafe spot with limited vegan options, but it was affordable and nourishing. Then we ended up going into a book store, Twice Sold Tales, that had over 8+ cats. We had a blast playing and cuddling them, while walking around and looking for new books to read.

You can watch our two part Seattle Youtube vlogs above I hope this was a helpful guide and you can use this as a way to plan your trip out as well!

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